The picture on the wall. How and what to hang?

Mounting posters or paintings on the wall can turn into a perfectionist’s nightmare: the distance between them will be different, the corners are uneven, and in general the whole composition will look sloppy. The main thing is not to give up and not leave everything as it is. We will not allow! And we will tell you how to decorate the walls in just 5 minutes.

Preparatory stage

First, select all the decor and images. Don’t be afraid to mix big and small, bright and solid. A picture in a lush baguette can look great next to a photo frame under glass. Just choose what deserves a prominent place for a long time.

Necessary tools for work:

  • Newspaper or printer paper
  • Double-sided tape
  • Level or tape measure
  • Hammer and nails
  • Wall-safe mounts

Secure mounts.

These include any fasteners that do not violate the wall covering and its structure. Do not use nails and screws when there are more gentle methods. There are a couple of ways to hang a picture without nails.

  1. Bluetack

It is a sticky blue mass, similar to plasticine. Reusable and sticks to any surface. One package is enough for decor weighing up to 1.5 kg. Of the minuses: it does not look very neat and collects dust.

  1. Mounts Command or 3M

Bilateral fastenings of different sizes, withstand up to 2 kg. Quickly and tightly attached to the wall and decor, invisible on the surface.

  1. Mounting system “Kreps”

The system consists of a plastic hook and an adhesive element with which the hook is attached to the wall. No marks, stains or damage, unlike double sided tape. “Kreps” is suitable for paintings hanging on ropes or cables. One such hook can withstand up to 1.5 kg. What to do if you want to hang a heavy picture on the wall? More weight means more hooks. The key is to space them evenly.

  1. Hook-spider

Another way to decorate the interior without drilling and dust is a wall hook, which the people affectionately called a spider hook (we just google it). Unfortunately, it is not magical, as we would like, but hanging a picture on a concrete, brick or wooden wall will help. It is enough to arm yourself with a hammer and drive sharp steel nails into it. Please note that after removal, barely noticeable punctures remain. Withstands from 0.5 to 10 kg depending on the size of the hook – this is one of the few convenient systems on which you can hang a heavy picture.

  1. Fixa (IKEA)

Set for mounting pictures. It is enough to drill one hole and you can hang the picture at different levels thanks to special hooks. The set includes hooks for walls of different materials and thicknesses.

  1. Picture hanging system

Now let’s figure out how to hang a lot of pictures at once. If you want to display an art gallery-worthy collection on the wall, or plan to change images from time to time, use a hanging system. You can buy it or make it yourself from a curtain rod or a durable rail with moving hooks and fishing line / cable / twine / chain (offer your own option). This design allows you to move the pictures up and down, left and right, as much as you like. Of the minuses – you still have to drill the wall.

Markup stage

Общие рекомендации:

  • The center of the picture should be at eye level. Everyone’s height is different, so it’s easier to take an average value – about 165 cm from the floor
  • The width of the picture or composition should be equal to 75-90% of the width of the furniture
  • When choosing the plot, size and color scheme of the picture, do not forget about the purpose of the room where you are going to hang it. For example, a picture with a battle scene is not suitable for a dining room, and a large, “pressing” canvas will be out of place in a bedroom.
  • Sometimes the wall itself tells you how to harmoniously hang the pictures. On walls that are elongated in width, it is worth placing the decor horizontally, on elongated walls – vertically.

After we figured out what you can hang a picture on, the logical question arises, where to hang it. Now you will need a newspaper or paper. Crop it to the shape of your prepared images.

These will be blanks for marking the wall. First fix them and look at the overall view. Only then proceed to the “finishing” decor. This sequence will help to correct the shortcomings and collect the desired composition.

At this stage, you will need a level or tape measure (to maintain the desired distance and height) and double-sided tape for fastening.

Decor stage

After the position of all the elements is approved, it’s time to move on to the fasteners. Marks can be made in place of the corners to hang the images exactly as intended. It remains only to choose the right mount and see your old empty wall new, bright and beautiful.

We want any process of interior transformation to be easy and fun. So that nothing stops you on the way to the realization of ideas. And if you have always dreamed of bright walls that reflect your character like a mirror, maybe now is the time to start? We hope that our article will be useful to you in this.

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