Stool in interior

We usually associate the word “stool” with something rustic, but solid, most often with a strong wooden seat on four short legs.

Stool Fashion

It is unlikely that a few years ago one could say that a stool is relevant and stylish. But you and I know that fashion constantly “goes in circles” and very often returns to time-tested solutions that become classics. So it happened with the stool.

Stool functions

Let’s think: what functions can no less modern fashionable stools presented in furniture stores perform in a modern fashionable apartment?

ИКЕА ФЁРСИКТИГ Табурет детский, белый, зеленый

Ikea Stool

Baby Stool

Kitchen stool

The first, most popular and already classic option is to place stools in the kitchen when they replace the kitchen chairs. If you choose stools for your kitchen, you can be sure that this solution will save both space in the kitchen and your money as much as possible.

Soft stool

In addition, there are models that are very light, and most importantly – comfortable, as now preference is given to soft stools.

The upholstery of their seats is made of modern material – eco-leather, which is practical to use and easy to clean . Such models are time-tested, which means they are unusually comfortable and durable.

Wooden stool

A fundamentally new place for a stool is the entrance hall. Many models of stools in their practicality and functionality can quite easily compete with soft ottomans and stools.

Models with drawers, which are an integral part of the furniture set for the hallway.

Табурет/приставной стол,д/дома/сада, красный, 56x41x43 см

Stool table
An original solution for home and garden

And this means that with the help of stools you can create an unusually harmonious interior of the hallway, in which all the elements will advantageously complement each other.

Chair stool

Another non-standard solution is stools for the living room. Here again, the focus will undoubtedly be on the elegant appearance of the models and their ability to fit into the environment. Stools will be appropriate even in the most strict classic interior, and their functionality will help you rationalize the space of the living room.

So, why is a stool an aristocrat among furniture?

Surely you have already guessed: this is the piece of furniture that has managed to become a model of tradition and good taste, has a long history, and most importantly, is able to adapt to the changing modernity and remain indispensable!

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