Reception furniture

The face of any reputable company is the reception desk. This is obvious and does not require proof.

Reception desk selection

But for each specific office, an individual reception desk is needed, and being able to pick it up is aerobatics, since here it is necessary to take into account many different nuances:

  • сolour,
  • the size,
  • design,
  • material,
  • price.

Before dwelling on a specific product, it is necessary to find the answer to the question – will this rack be appropriate in the interior of the office, will it not become a bulky object, or vice versa, will it not be lost in the vast space of the hall. To make the right choice, you need to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed furniture and find the only harmonious option that meets all possible requirements.

Basic requirements for the reception

And the main requirement is the ability to understand at a glance what kind of activity the company is engaged in. And it is the reception desk that should contribute to this. Its main task is to make the most favorable impression on all visitors without exception, no matter what happens.

Reception area

Reception furniture should be placed in such a way as to make optimal use of the allocated space. To solve this problem, it is best to purchase custom-made furniture. If the room is small and the counter takes up a lot of space, visitors will feel uncomfortable, and movement inside the room will be somewhat difficult. It is also impossible to place the rack far from the place of reception of visitors.

On a too compact reception desk, there will not be enough space to accommodate office equipment. The beauty of the rack is not always synonymous with convenience.

The reception consists of:

  1. guest table,
  2. work table,
  3. facade,
  4. internal content.

Reception desk form:

  • rectangular,
  • angular,
  • arched,
  • square.

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