How to choose wardrobe furniture?

A wardrobe is a place to store all the favorite things of women, and order and accuracy in the life of every member of the stronger sex.

Wardrobe dimensions

It is for this reason that the area and equipment of the wardrobe must be calculated rationally, and every square meter of the available area must be used. Including vertically.

Wardrobe closet

Start by deciding with the whole family what kind of things you plan to store in the territory of your home wardrobe. It is on this factor that the main furniture depends.

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How to organize your wardrobe?

In the wardrobe adjacent to the bedroom, they do not store outerwear, shoes and travel bags, suitcases; for this there is a specially equipped pantry and storage racks. But it is here, between your sleeping place and the bathroom, that underwear, evening and business suits and women’s dresses, expensive jewelry and accessories will be best stored.

Оpen wardrobe

Do not forget about the design, transparency and versatility of all shelves. If possible, you should not waste time looking for a piece of clothing. Everything should be arranged by color and hung as needed and in size.

Гардероб открытый
wardrobe open

Everyday capsule wardrobe

It is best if you and your wife have separate halves of the same wardrobe or adjacent shelves. This way you can not only avoid chaos, but also predict how many clean shirts you have left for the next week, whether you need new sweaters and suits.

Modular wardrobe

By the way, do not neglect the design of furniture fittings. As a rule, compact mortise handles are chosen for wardrobe furniture, which are placed in a groove prepared on the surface of a door or cabinet.

So you will not only save wardrobe space, but also make its space independent of the fashion for interior design, as well as quite practical and versatile.

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