Hanging chandelier fixture

Our master class will tell you how, step by step, to fix a hanging chandelier with a loop (ring, bracket or carabiner) on the fittings on a hook built into the ceiling.

What you need to mount the chandelier on the ceiling:

  • ladder;
  • anchor bolt with a hook (anchor-hook) of the required size (or dowel “moth” expansion to the ceiling with a hook)
  • electric drill with a drill for the diameter of the anchor
  • perforator with a drill for the diameter of the anchor
  • pliers and pliers or side cutters (preferably with insulated handles)
  • hammer
  • copper sleeves for clamping the ends of the wires of the desired cut
  • terminal block.
Гак для люстри

Hook for fixing the chandelier to the ceiling

Stages of fastening the chandelier:

  1. Prepare a hole for the anchor hook: first work with a drill, and when you get to the concrete – with a hammer drill. Depth – the length of the anchor.
  2. Fasten the spacer sleeve in the hole you have made. To set it to the correct depth, use a hammer and a wooden chain so as not to damage the bushing.
  3. Screw the hook into the sleeve, check the fixation.
  4. Put copper sleeves on the ends of the wires and crimp them with pliers (or a special crimp).
  5. Connect the wires using the terminal block.
  6. Hang the chandelier by the hook on the armature.
  7. Pull up the decorative cap, hiding the hook and loop inside and the wires connected by the terminal box, and fix it with screws.
chandelier on the ceiling
chandelier on the ceiling

When fixing the chandelier to the ceiling, you should consider:

  • construction and ceiling material;
  • chandelier weight;
  • strength and properties of the ceiling finishing material;
  • the ability to adjust the height of the suspension.
ЛЕДИНГ ИКЕА Шина освещения с 3 софитами, никелированный

LEADING IKEA Track lighting with 3 spotlights, nickel-plated

When choosing anchors for mounting a particular device, consider not only their size and design, which directly affect the level of permissible load, but also the material from which they are made.

It is important to know!

  1. Before mounting the luminaire, be sure to check that there is no electric current supply at the mounting point. It is better to turn off the entire lighting group in the switchboard with an automatic switch, and not just a light switch in the room. Before work, check the absence of current using special tools.
  2. Mount any lighting devices according to the manufacturer’s instructions, which, as a rule, are attached to the product.
  3. If the design of the luminaire provides for grounding, be sure to connect it.

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