Furniture for HoReCa

What is Horek? The name HoReCa appears more and more often at business conferences, exhibitions, and on television.

What is this horeca

It is formed by the first syllables of the words Hotel, Restaurant and Cafe. In addition, HoReCa is also camping (autotourism), recreation centers, cinemas, clubs and almost all establishments responsible for the hospitality industry. But most of all in this direction are public catering enterprises.

Мебель для кафе

What is characteristic of the horeca?

Horeca is characterized by an individual style and a comfortable atmosphere of establishments, interaction with customers (holding contests, theme parties, promotions), the widespread presence of a company logo on dishes, napkins, staff clothes, which means more effective advertising placement.

Requirements for HoReCa

In the past ten years, HoReCa has been actively developing in Russia, competing with other enterprises in this field. This means that all components of this industry, including furniture, must be subject to increased requirements. Furniture deliveries must be trusted to those who already have some experience in this area.

HoReCa furniture

Quality, durability, reliability and good design – this is what characterizes the furniture for the HoReCa industry presented on the market. The individual style of the institution, its “face” is very important.

A wide range of prices, well-balanced ergonomics, convenience and unique style of furniture, discounts for wholesale buyers – these are the criteria for a worthy supplier of furniture for HoReCa.

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