Design by IKEA

Design by IKEA

Мало места - не беда

Little space – no problem

The dining room doesn’t have to be luxurious. The most important thing is to be comfortable and functional. Satisfied all the needs of the hostess. The IKEA NORDEN table is a great idea for small dining rooms. If guests come, you can expand it and everyone will fit at the table.


Стол для шестерых

Table for six people

When the family is large, then it is great to gather at the same table. The EKEDALEN table with IKEA BERNGARD chairs for six people is perfect. In the evenings, over a pie with tea, discuss the past day. Exchange emotions in a warm family atmosphere.


Ручная работа в дизайне

Handmade in design

A dining room full of wood and textiles will open for you. The chair, the likeness of “homemade”, looks great. Be sure to have plants in the dining room with IKEA furniture. Plants are green, and people need green as life.


Окна выходят в сад

Windows overlook the garden

Nature fits perfectly into the dining room. Such as colorful flower trees, natural fibers, green paints and plant patterns. You can sit down and make yourself comfortable in the comfortable SACARIAS chairs.


Абстрактное решение

Abstract solution

Clean lines and leather finishes are a contemporary dining solution for the modern family that loves to relax and dream. Combining stylish and durable furniture so you can spend many hours in this dining room.


Королевский стиль в столовой

Royal style dining room

Everything is so tastefully thought out. Every tea party is like a royal reception. In such an environment, you want to look accordingly, and not in pajamas.