Articles about IKEA

ИКЕА ТРАНАРЁ табуретка стул

Stool in interior

We usually associate the word “stool” with something rustic, but solid, most often with a strong wooden seat on four short legs.


ИКЕА ХЕМНЭС, Скамья с полкой для обуви, белый, коричневый 85x32 см

Shoe cabinet in the hallway

Shoe racks in the hallway, presented in a wide variety of furniture stores, are special furniture that will allow you to effectively solve the problem of storing shoes.


Мебель в гостиницу

Furniture for hotels

Hotel furniture is a separate branch of furniture production.


Виды стойки

Reception furniture

The face of any reputable company is the reception desk. This is obvious and does not require proof.


Мебель в офис

Office furniture

Furnishing an office costs a lot of money. Particular attention should be paid to office furniture. Their design must comply with all health and safety recommendations.


Стол для руководителя

Furniture for the manager’s office

The manager’s office is the face of the company. Therefore, its design and the choice of furniture for the head should be approached with attention.


Мебель для Хорека

Furniture for HoReCa

What is Horek? The name HoReCa appears more and more often at business conferences, exhibitions, and on television.


ПАКС Гардероб, белый, Аули зеркальное стекло, 150x44x201 см

How to choose wardrobe furniture?

A wardrobe is a place to store all the favorite things of women, and order and accuracy in the life of every member of the stronger sex.


Товары ИКЕА

Furniture from IKEA. Home goods

The largest company IKEA is a leader among firms involved in the production of furniture. The manufacturer produces furniture products for both the living room and the nursery, bedroom, kitchen, corridor, etc.


The picture on the wall. How and what to hang?

Mounting posters or paintings on the wall can turn into a perfectionist’s nightmare: the distance between them will be different, the corners are uneven, and in general the whole composition will look sloppy. The main thing is not to give up and not leave everything as it is. We will not allow! And we will tell you how to decorate the walls in just 5 minutes.