About IKEA

The private company “IKEA” appeared in 1943 in the Netherlands. Created by Ingvar Kamprad. He saw his calling as a boy at the age of 5. Initially, he traded in matches, then in stationery, such as pens and pencils. In 1948, furniture appeared in the assortment, and in 1958, the first store with the name “IKEA” was opened in Sweden. And since 1963, IKEA has entered the international level.

IKEA sells furniture and helps integrate it into home design.

The idea of IKEA furniture is that it is disassembled into small parts and transported in flat boxes. And it is the most convenient in transportation and saves your waste.

In February 2016, IKEA launched the sale of furniture with wireless charging.

The catalog is published annually. Its preparation takes up to nine months.