Latest innovations 2023

  • ИКЕА ФЁРСИКТИГ Табурет детский, белый, зеленый


    IKEA FÖRSIKTIG Children's stool, white, green

    The non-slip coating on the top reduces the risk of slipping. The anti-slip material keeps the stool steady on the ...

  • ИКЕА ТРАНАРЁ, Табурет/приставной стол,д/дома/сада, красный, 56x41x43 см


    IKEA TRANARO, Stool / side table, d / home / garden, red, 56x41x43 cm

    Stools/tables can be folded down to save space when not in use. You can combine two TRANAROs to create a ...

  • ИКЕА ХЕМНЭС, Скамья с полкой для обуви, белый, коричневый 85x32 см

    HEMNES bench

    IKEA HEMNES, Bench with shoe rack, white, brown 85x32 cm

    Holds min. 6 pairs of shoes. May be completed with FIXA furniture leg stickers; protect the floor from scratches. Combines ...

  • ИКЕА ФИКСА, 001.692.49 Шурупы и дюбели, 260 шт.


    IKEA FIXA, 001.692.49 Screws and dowels, 260 pcs.

    The screws are made of galvanized steel for corrosion resistance. When the screws and dowels run out, the box can ...

  • IKEA ADDE Chair

    IKEA ADDE, 102.191.78 Chair, white

    Chairs can be stacked to save storage space.


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New IKEA catalog 2021

The newest IKEA 2021 catalog has begun its life.

Here are the latest ideas for the kitchen, room, corridor, etc.

This is the latest and most up-to-date IKEA catalog!

New IKEA catalog 2020

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Scrolling through the new IKEA 2020 catalog? Have you visited the official IKEA website Have you downloaded the IKEA app for iPhone? But you still haven’t found a product that you definitely saw in the store?

This is due to the fact that not the entire range is presented on the IKEA website. And our journalists are looking for such goods especially for you, secretly photographing and posting here.

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Articles about IKEA

How to choose a sofa in IKEA? Which banks give loans for IKEA furniture? Why are these stores so low prices? How to return or exchange an item?

Answers to these and many other questions and protection in our articles.

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Our site is informational in nature. But we are constantly asked how to buy IKEA products? Very simple!

If there is an IKEA in your city, then visit the store. If there is no IKEA, then contact the delivery service in your city. If you do not have an IKEA delivery service, then arrange it, it’s not bad! 🙂

Latest Articles

Стулья в интерьере

Chairs – irreplaceable pieces of furniture

From time immemorial, chairs have firmly entered our lives as the simplest element of the interior, contributing to at least a short, but rest. Now it is very difficult to imagine how you can do without this uncomplicated piece of home furniture.


ИКЕА ТРАНАРЁ табуретка стул

Stool in interior

We usually associate the word “stool” with something rustic, but solid, most often with a strong wooden seat on four short legs.


ИКЕА ХЕМНЭС, Скамья с полкой для обуви, белый, коричневый 85x32 см

Shoe cabinet in the hallway

Shoe racks in the hallway, presented in a wide variety of furniture stores, are special furniture that will allow you to effectively solve the problem of storing shoes.


Мебель в гостиницу

Furniture for hotels

Hotel furniture is a separate branch of furniture production.


Виды стойки

Reception furniture

The face of any reputable company is the reception desk. This is obvious and does not require proof.